Perfect World - Demo 2017

5 Nights to Freedom -Demo 2017

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I'm currently working on new original songs for a release this December.. After Covid restrictions stopping live work I'm using my time to work on original songs again. I'm looking forward to sharing my new works and also the process of the songs being written and recorded. I keep going back to early recordings of Neil Young, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Cat Stevens. I love the honest recordings done live with just 1 or 2 mics and the way the sounds blend together.
In 2010  I released my first album of original songs. The Humbletones was the name given to the musical duo and it was recorded in my home studio.
I wrote the songs and played guitar,bass and sang vocals and the drums were played by my friend Nick Tomlinson. 
At the time of writing I was listening to the likes of Neil Finn, Dave Matthews, Jakob Dylan and Damien Rice.
 All the songs originated on the acoustic guitar which remains true to the finished albums soun.
Lyrically the songs reflect on universal themes of personal triumph, love, hardship, environmental and political issues, and social observations.
The Humbletones debut CD "Humble Beginnings"