Live Shows

** I can also play at intimate house shows and private parties within 1 hours travel of Kiama and in Sydney **

Live Gigs Coming Up;-]

Fri.3rd. Hibernian Hotel Goulburn. 8.30pm.
Sat.4th. Wests illawarra. 7.30pm.
Sun.5th. Figtree Sports Club. 2.00pm.
Fri.10th. Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sat.11th. Club Callalha. 7.00pm.
Sun. 12th. Jamberoo Hotel. 1.00pm.
Fri.17th. Warilla Bowling Club. 8.30pm. Duo.
Sat.18th. Shellharbour Club. 6.00pm. Duo.
Sun.19th. Helensburgh Tradies Club. 1.00pm.
Fri.24th. Bomaderry Hotel. 7.00pm.
Sat.25th. Sutton Forest Hotel. 7.00pm.
Sun.26th. Wonoona Bulli RSL. 1.00pm.
Fri.31st. Club Windang. 5.30pm.

Sat.1st. Wests Illawarra. 7.30pm.
Sun. 2nd. Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club. 1.00pm.
Fri.14th. Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sat. 15th. Culburra Beach Bowling Club.8.00pm.
Sun.16th. Dandy Hotel Dapto. 2.00pm.
Fri.21st. Tory's Hotel Kiama. 8.30pm.
Sat.22nd. Bomaderry Hotel. 7.00pm.
Sun.23rd. St Georges Basin Country Club.4.00pm.
Mon.24th. Private party Gerringong.5.00pm.
Fri.28th. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sat.29th. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sun.30th. Kiama Leagues Club. 4.00pm. Duo.

Fri.5th. Milton Ulladulla bowling Club. 5.30pm.
Sat.6th. Wests Illawarra. 7.30pm.
Sun. 7th. Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club. 1.00pm.
Fri.12th. Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sat.13th. Club Callalha. 7.00pm.
Sun.14th. Shoalhaven Heads Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.19th. Club Windang. 5.30pm.
Sat.20th. Hibernian Hotel Goulburn. 8.30pm. Duo.
Sun.21st. Jamberoo Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.26th. Bomaderry Hotel.7.00pm.
Sat.27th. Sutton Forest Hotel.7.00pm.
Sun.28th. Figtree Sports Club.2.00pm.

Fri.2nd.MossVale Services Club. 7.00pm.
Sat.3rd. Wests Illawarra. 7.30pm.
Sun.4th. Bellambi Bowling Club.1.00pm.
Fri.9th. Tory's Inn Kiama. 8.30pm.
Sat.10th. Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sun.11th. Dandy Hotel Dapto.2.00pm.
Fri.16th. Warilla Bowls. 8.30pm. Duo.
Sat.17th. Bomaderry Hotel. 7.00pm.
Sun.18th.Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club. 1.00pm.
Fri.23rd. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sat.24th. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sun. 25th. Fairy Meadow Bowling Club. 4.00pm.   



Sat.1st. Dapto Leagues Club.6.30pm.
Sun. 2nd. The Tradies club Helensburgh.1.00pm
Fri.14th. Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club. 5.30pm.
Sat. 15th. Culburra Beach Bowling Club.8.00pm.
Sun.16th. Jamberoo Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.21st.Bomaderry Hotel. 7.00pm.
Sat.22nd. Sutton Forest Hotel.7.00pm.
Sun.23rd. Shoalhaven Heads Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.28th. The Tradies club Helensburgh.8.00pm.
Sat.29th. Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sun.30th. Kiama Leagues Club.4.00pm.Duo.

Fri.4th. Mittagong RSL Club. 5.30pm.
Sat.5th. Club Callala. 7.00pm.
Sun. 6th. Shoalhaven Heads Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.11th.  Dapto Leagues Club.6.30pm.
Sat.12th. Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sun.13th. The Tradies club Helensburgh.1.00pm.
Fri.18th. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sat.19th.Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm. 
Fri.25th. The Tradies club Helensburgh.8.00pm.
Sat.26th.Bomaderry Hotel.7.00pm.
Sun.27th. Wonoona Bulli RSL. 1.00pm.


Fri.1st.Club Windang Solo.5.30pm.
Sat.2nd.The Shellharbour Club.6.00pm.
Fri.8th.Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club. 5.30pm.
Sat.9th. Dapto Leagues Club.6.30pm.
Sun.10th.The Tradies club Helensburgh.1.00pm.
Fri.15th.Mittagong RSL Club. 5.30pm.
Sat.16th.Culburra Beach Bowling Club.8.00pm.
Sun.17th. Jamberoo Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.22nd.Bomaderry Hotel.7.00pm.
Sat.23rd. Private Wedding.
Sun.24th.Shoalhaven Heads Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.29th.Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sat.30th.Sutton Forest Hotel.7.00pm.

Fri.6th.Mittagong RSL Club. 5.30pm.
Sat.7th. Club Callalha. 7.00pm.
Sun.8th. The Tradies Club Helensburgh.1.00pm.
Fri.13th. Tory's Inn Kiama. 8.30pm.
Sat.14th. Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sun.15th.Shoalhaven Heads Bowlo.4.00pm.
Fri.20th. Dapto Leagues Club.6.30pm.
Sat.21st. Bomaderry Hotel. 7.00pm.
Fri.27th. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sat.28th. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sun. 29th. Club Windang. 1.00pm. Duo.


Fri. 3rd.Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club. 5.30pm.
Sat.4th.Private wedding.
Sun.5th.Shoalhaven Heads Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.10th.Tory's Inn Kiama. 8.30pm.
Sat.11th.Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sun.12th.St Georges Basin Country Club.4.00pm.
Fri.17th.Mittagong RSL Club. 5.30pm.
Sat.18th.Dapto Leagues Club.6.30pm.
Sun.19th. Jamberoo Hotel.1.00pm.
Fri.24th.Bomaderry Hotel. 7.00pm.
Sat.25th.Sutton Forest Hotel.7.00pm.
Sun.26th.Wonoona Bulli RSL. 1.00pm.

Fri.1st.Mittagong RSL Club. 5.30pm.
Sat.2nd.Culburra Beach Bowling Club.8.00pm.
Fri.8th.MossVale Sevices Club.7.00pm. Duo.
Sat.9th.Gerringong Bowlo. 7.00pm.
Sun.10th. AVAILABLE.
Fri.15th. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sat.16th. Batemans Bay Soldiers Club. 7.30pm.
Sun.17th.Shoalhaven Heads Bowlo.4.00pm.
Fri.22nd. Dapto Leagues Club.6.30pm.
Sat.23rd. AVAILABLE.
Fri.29th.Figtree Hotel. 8.30pm.
Sat.30th.Bomaderry Hotel. 7.00pm.


"Keep it Simple . Keep it Real"