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Mark has over 30 years experience playing in 100's of different venues as far North as Hamilton Island and South as Launceston.
 He is a fingerstyle percussive acoustic guitarist and vocalist taking great pride in his unique arrangements and sound to deliver a premium quality entertainment.
Mark also uses looped beats and foot percussion to create grooves for people to dance to.
  What makes Mark such an expert in entertainment and different from the rest is his ability to read a room and audience....Ok so you've heard that before...but what does it mean from a professional?

"Reading a Room"...At a typical gig Mark is constantly assessing the audience through out the night.
Some of the things that determine his song choice on the fly are;
The percentage of males to females.
The age of the audience.
Observing who in the audience is engaging in the music...Eg. Tapping their feet, mouthing the words, clapping at the end of songs. Are they a sing along crowd to anthems? A crowd looking for a dance?... He plays to those people as engagement is contagious.

With " Reading a Room" you have to be able to deliver. Mark has a Song List of over 400 songs from the 1960's to 2020. He takes requests on the spot and no gig is the same songs....He tailors the song choice to the audience and energy of the audience as it changes during the night. 

Mark is usually booked  up to 12 months in advance and is always interested in playing at new venues.
Please feel welcome to visit his YouTube Channel to sample some of his live videos.    

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"Mark a singer and fingerstyle acoustic guitarist from Kiama. NSW. Australia.
He play over 150 shows each year including weddings, private functions and venues.
If you're like him and believe the philosophy of "Less is more".
You'll love Mark's acoustic interpretations of cover songs from a huge song list of classic and contemporary acoustic covers.  His sound is organic and real with vocals, acoustic guitar, foot percussion and looped beats."

AVAILABLE DATES - 2023 & 2024

[Mark is available for any dates Monday to Thursday and also for selected Saturday day time gigs]